Muscle, Joint & Bone Pain

Don’t wait to see the GP or struggle on with aches and pains. If it’s a new ache or pain with a muscle, joint or bone, see our first contact physiotherapist.

You don’t need to see the GP first. Simply tell our receptionists that you would like to see our first contact physiotherapist and they shall book you an appointment – it’s usually quicker than waiting to see the GP too.

Don’t worry if you need medication or a fit note. The first contact physiotherapist can also arrange those with the GP for you there and then.

This video explains more about a first contact physiotherapist.

Get your FREE Wandsworth Self Management App for Muscle, Bone and Joint Pain

This NHS supported app is now available to help people in Wandsworth. It enables you to self refer into physiotherapy should you need to. Click on the image below to get your access code.

The app is designed to work with you, alongside your GP practice, to:

  • Help you self-manage
  • Help you trust your recovery
  • Advise you when to seek help
  • Provide you with personal and tailored journey
  • Connect you to local services and treatment
  • Automatically refer to physiotherapy if needed
  • Guide your recovery day-by-day