GP practices under the spotlight

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If you watched BBC Panorama or read about the UK’s biggest GP chain and its struggles on Monday, you might wonder how that compares to Tudor Lodge and the care I get there?

To set the record straight:

▪️ We have at least 4 GPs on-site Monday to Friday and 1 on Saturdays to see patients and support the rest of the practice team.

▪️ Rowena and Joanna are our experienced practice nurses specialising in supporting patients with chronic disease and minor ailments.

▪️ Our amazing physician associate, Amado has daily supervision and weekly training and support. He is very capable of caring for many of the same patients as our GPs but is never left alone to fend for himself!

▪️ And we’re not surrounded by masses of unread documents either; we receive on average up to 60-80 documents daily via post, email and digitally. Everything is triaged and acted on within 24 hours depending on the urgency.

I hope this reassures you about the care and service you get from our team and that not all practices are created equal. If you ever have any concerns, please come and speak to a member of the team or me.

Prash Thurairatnam

Managing Partner